Authentic Exposure | About
Authentic Exposure, created by Adam Coker (me), is an interdisciplinary concept with a vision of capturing and displaying authenticity. In other words, to reveal people at their core, as well as record priceless moments, memories or visions to be passed on to generations to come. I like to use the medium of video and photography to tell a person's story.

I graduated from Appalachian State University, nestled in the beautiful mountains of Boone, North Carolina. Although I had a mostly wonderful upbringing in Greensboro, North Carolina, I think of Boone as the place where I came alive. It is there, in that remotely nestled town, that I became fascinated with the world. It is there that the universe became an vastly exciting place to be. I went to school on a music scholarship performing in Jazz and Classical Trumpet though I never really wanted to major in music. Although I had a deep love for Jazz and Classical music, my interest in other disciplines far exceeded my sole commitment to music. I was interested in what made the world tick: what got us to here and where are we going. I ended up choosing Philosophical Anthropology as a major, where my areas of study consisted of communications, music, religion, history, psychology, and philosophy.

On one hand, I am an extensively traveled, diverse fellow that is fascinated with people, wildlife, culture or, you could even say, the pulse of the human spirit. On the other hand, I am a no-nonsense, to-the-point business person, that loves to tackle a project with a bang and do it effectively with excellence and skill. I am a creative professional that knows how to utilize my network of great resources to accomplish difficult tasks. My first experience in business was as a banker, where I learned a great deal about professionalism, time management, and project execution skills. For me, photography and video productions merges together my business sense with my creative intuition. I have found these artistic expressions to be a great outlet to express my goal of bringing value to our journey in life.